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tv   NBC10 News Today at 530am  NBC  August 4, 2016 5:30am-6:01am EDT

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today," back in court, just two days after his release on bail, monsignor william lynn will be back before a judge today. septa slowdown. the transit agency is still dealing with the loss of a third of its fleet but now we're learning about when it could be back in full force. and we're just one day away from the official start of the rio 2016 games. there will be a lot of local athletes in brazil. we're live in rio this morning to talk about our hometown heroes. >> announcer: "nbc10 news" starts now. it's 5:30, good morning, welcome to "nbc 10 news today." i'm tracy davidson. >> and i'm pamela osborne, let's start with the "first alert" weather, bill, cool start? >> temperatures are running a little cooler than yesterday. we're not seeing the fog of yesterday. a live view from easton. 68 degrees at 8:00, by 11:00,
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upper 70s. the suburbs and philadelphia 68 degrees. bright sunshine, it's going to warm into the 70s. middle 70s by 10:00 this morning. you'll definitely need your sunglasses today. nice warmup, 80s. just like yesterday the humidity will stay low. just like yesterday, while new jersey is in the 80s at the shore, 79 degrees for the afternoon. your hour-by-hour forecast when i come back but jessica boyington has an update from the "first alert" traffic center. >> the p.a. north extension right now, they have an accident scene that is reported where we're missing some lanes between lansdale and quakertown. headed southbound. 309 can be an alternate for you there. also moving down to the jersey shore, out in egg harbor, there's an accident on the garden state parkway. the right lane is blocked at exit 36 which is route 302.
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all clear on the tacony-palmyra, we had an earlier opening scheduled for 4:45. we're way past that now. all good on the ben and walt. happening today in philadelphia, monsignor william lynn will be back before a judge just two days after he was released on bail. nbc10 as matt delucia is live outside of center city. today's hearing is all about his new trial, right? >> reporter: that's right, setting a date for that new trial. monsignor lynn is out of prison. he's on bail, $250,000. but his legal troubles are not over just yet. this is tuesday afternoon, monsignor william lynn, 65 years old, walking out of prison in northeastern prison. this came after the conviction was overturned. prosecutors have argued that
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lynn was responsible for transferring pedophile priests from one parish to another. the philadelphia district attorney seth williams said he will retry this case even though lynn has already served out much of his sentence. >> the parole board granted him parole like in october. so, this -- the worst that could happen on a retrial, i mean, you know, the worst that can happen, is he could be convicted and sentenced to two months. that was lynn's attorney there but the d.a. seth williams said this on suss to the victims, their families and the citizens of our region know that my office takes the charges of institutional sexual abuse extremely seriously. i will use every legal opt at my disposal to prosecutor pedophile priests and those who shield them to the full extent of the
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la law. today is all about set issing that new trial date. monsignor lynn as of now is living with family members but his lawyers say he received hundreds of letters from parishioners. we'll let you know what happens later on today. time is 5:34. riders trusted by a septa slowdown should start seeing some improvement in a few weeks. the transit agency announced its plans to get cars back yesterday. as a resulting august 21st, said to roll out ten cars per week. a normal weekday schedule expected by october 1st. >> my trains are late every day, going to work. so, my boss will say that's awesome. about time. >> septa says its entire fleet can be up and running by november. the trump taj mahal hotel
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and casino in atlantic city will close its doors for good after labor day. the casino announced it yesterday as thousands of employees are on strike. tropicana who owns the taj mahal is losing millions of dollars every month. and they cited the strike. the shutdown date for the that mahal has not been set. this morning, investigators are looking into the deadly train accident in delaware county. skyforce 10 was in lansdale just after 10:00 after a septa train struck and killed aperson walking on the track. this is along baltimore avenue. service was stopped during the regional line during the investigate but opened just before 1:00 this morning. home and business owners got
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a brief chance to collect their belongings. yesterday, authorities allows victims in ellicott city to return after a deluge. it was a brief return. they had 15 minutes to grab whatever they could from their homes and businesses. >> i put a whole bunch of clothes on because i've been wearing the two shirts for the past ten days. >> i found my wallet. >> it's just not safe yet so we can't go in. but hopefully, we'll be able to go back in later. >> torrential rain floods the area and killed two people. hurricane earl is now over belize and southeastern mexico. it made landfall with sustained winds of 80 miles an hour. heavy rain is flooding communities along the caribbean coast. the national weather of the forecast the storm will lose strength as it moves to the interior of mexico.
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in montgomery county, cheltenham commissioners took the first steps towards the troubled sewer system. the manager told that the pennsylvania department of environmental protection demanded that cheltenham make widespread upgrades its century old sewer system. the manager tolding us the possible sale of the sewer system is part of a larger discussion on how to manage the township's infrastructure. 5. 0037, a beautiful view from cape may. it's going to be a gorgeous day at the shore. scattered clouds in the sky. the wind coming on shore. 11-mile-per-hour breeze, the beach a bit cooler. and inland areas will be running below normal as well. yesterday in philadelphia, 68 degrees, 69 degrees at 8:00, warming to 81 degrees at lunchtime. the suburbs a few scattered fair
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weather clouds. that's it. 61 now. we've actually seen 60s this morning. 73 degrees at 1:00, lunchtime upper 70s. near 80s in the afternoon. winds at 6 miles an hour during the afternoon. that's coming out of the southeast. no time for the fog. starting things off in the last couple of days in lehigh valley, but look at the glow, getting ready to see bright sunshine for levi really. 62 now. humidity stays low this afternoon. 77 degrees at lunchtime. 80 degrees at 4:00 this afternoon. the winds will stay lighting during the afternoon hours. for new jersey, sunny skies, a few scattered, fair weather clouds. 60 degrees, 70 degrees at 8:00, 80 degrees this afternoon. a little cooler at the shore. shore temperatures will stay in the 70s. right now, 71 degrees. at lunchtime, 76 degrees and staying in the middle 70s this afternoon with that onshore flow. and for delaware, starting to
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brighten up finally. 64 right now. 75 degrees at 10:00. low 80s, really comfortable this afternoon. that sets the stage for a nice evening as well. but there is some heat and humidity in store for us. we've got the 10 day on 10 when i come back in just a few minutes. 5:39, let's check your ride to work, jessica boyington is joining us, how is it looking out there? >> well, 202 looks great, pamela and tracy. we're looking at our cameras, seven minutes for the drive time, at 29 to the schuylkill expressway, you can see no problem. speed information the 60s. just a couple of cars held in the east direction on the roads. down at the shore, egg harbor, watching an accident, towards the garden state parkway. headed southbound in this general area here. you can see exit 36 around route 302. this is route 70 in new jersey,
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at cherry hill. you can see traffic moving along. as for mass transit, 1512 for septa running ten minutes late. amtrak and new jersey transit and patco all riding along with no delays. more than a dozen cases of concern and concern is still growing. we'll give you an update from florida where 15 cases of the zika virus have been confirmed and what health officials are doing today. this morning, we're live in rio. we're talking our olympic athletes at this year's games. and the chance of bringing olympic gold back to our area.
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good morning, burlington county. here's a live look at the burlington bristol bridge. you can see the sun is just coming up. a beautiful day. it is 60 degrees already. happening today, officials will give away radiation protection tablets to people who live near a nuclear power plant. the montgomery county health department will hand out free potassium iodide tablets as they do regularly who people who live near the limerick station. today, pennsylvania governor
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tom wolf will discuss money on a new dugt targets the state's opioid abuse epidemic. wolf will hold the news conference at pew treatment centers in western pennsylvania. he'll give details for early intervention involving heroin and other opioids. head to the or the app for a look at our generation addicted. president obama released 214 federal inmates, five from our areas. the white house said this the largest batch of commutations on a single day in morning a kre h century. >> happening today, the director for the centers for disease control will tour the zika zone in miami. >> the area is believed to have been caused by mosquito bites.
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the cdc issued a travel advisory advising pregnant women and their partners not to travel to the small community. pretesting will be given to all pregnant women who live in florida. some women say them may even leave town. >> last night we killed a mosquito at our house last night. my husband said maybe it's not a bad idea that i go to california. my sister lives there. >> the city has been trying to control the mosquito population. workers vacuumed up puddles left by storms this week. crews on the ground are also spraying insecticides. more than 30 members of the u.s. military have contracted the zika virus overseas. and one of those infect said a pregnant woman. the military is monitoring the installations and actively checking the mosquitos. in addition to the 36 service members, six family members have also tested positive for the virus. the first clinical trial for the
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zika vaccine is under way. 80 volunteers receive the injection that looks much like the vaccine for west nile virus. as promised the vaccine could go into a phase two trial next year. those trials won't continue if there isn't enough money to support them. the obama administration warned the money to fight the zika virus is on the verge of running out. the national institute of health said it will exhaust its resources to find a vaccine this month. >> a rescued baby screech owl was rescued back in montgomery county last month. >> the cutest little owl. >> the bird named albert barn, he was inside of a box. workers had to gently guide him out so he could fly into the night sky at the marion station.
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and staffers discovered the injured bird back in march. he was treated at the schuylkill wildlife rehabilitation center and he was released right where they found him. >> announcer: now your nbc10 "first alert" weather. 5:47. clear skies overhead. some clouds in the distance at cape may. but sunshine is on the way and it is going to be a nice day today with the humidity staying low. another beautiful day today. like yesterday, we'll warm into the 80s. 70s at the shore. and just like last night, we're in for another pleasant evening this evening, as the humidity stays low and the temperatures drop back down into the 60s. look at the temperatures, 55 degrees in the low 60s in lehigh valley. south jersey, delaware, 65 degrees. and low 60s for andorra and che chestnut hill. you'll definitely need sunglasses today. you won't have to worry about
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umbrella today but the weekend say different story. you can see the showers to the south. but it's the showers to the northwest making steady progress and will move our way. it's a cold front that will drop our temperatures on saturday. but the temperatures will boost into the 90s and we'll likely see the showers and thunderstorms. hour-by-hour forecast, with that line moving in the next 24 hours. and by first thing tomorrow morning, it's in northern michigan and chicago area. early saturday morning, that line moves into central pennsylvania. you see the storms popping up. and then during the day on saturday, there it is. that's 10:00 in the morning. it warms into the afternoon. it will be a steamy day, we'll likely see the storms stake shape on saturday. so the weekend. it's going to be 50/50. showers, thunderstorms for saturday. for each of our areas. upper 80s even at the shore while the rest of the day warms in the low 90s. it's out of here for sunday.
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upper 80s for each location. with the extension of the shore it will be middle 80s and delaware 80 degrees. nice before we get to the weekend, too. today and tomorrow. a little warmer tomorrow but the humidity stays low for friday. and saturday, 92 degrees. clears out sunday. monday, nice and comfortable. 84 degrees and into the upper 80s on tuesday. it's a warming trend that will boost temperatures back into the 90s for wednesday, thursday and friday. and the heat will really be on thursday and friday. showers and thunderstorms later on on friday will lead to a cooldown for next saturday. >> those enjoying the cooler weather. thanks, bill. it's about ten minutes before 6:00. let's check your ride to work. >> jessica boyington has a look at 422, jessica. >> that's right, trooper road, you see the sun coming out. eight minutes right here. eastbound from the schuylkill expressway, trooper road doesn't have any backups right now.
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we typically watch the eastbound lane, traffic headed away from you headed towards the schuylkill expressway, no delays or backups there. speed into the 60s. and the turnpike has cleared. you can see here, we don't have any more delays headed southbound. that earlier accident was between lansdale and quakertown. moving to new jersey, egg harbor township, if you're head to get shore, the parkway exit 36 which is route 322. we're still watching lanes there. tracy. well, the countdown to rio has entered the homestretch, we're now just a day away from the 2016 opening in brazil. the opening ceremony is tomorrow night and nbc10 is the only place to see all of the action. 23 members representing team usa are from our area or have local connections. >> yes, from fencing, to swimming to basketball, pennsylvania will definitely have a presence over the next two weeks in rio.
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nbc national correspondent jay gray is live for us in rio this morning. good morning, jay. >> reporter: hey, good morning. rio today really exciting because the torch is going to make it here. in fact, the mayor has declared a citywide holiday so you can get out and enjoy this. i can till, rio, the beaches, the mountain, even the park already on fire. everybody very excited and anxious for the games to begin. >> we're really excited about our opening athletes. opening ceremony tomorrow but burlington county native carli lloyd already got things started in a really big way. >> reporter: yeah, look, she scores the first goal for team usa. they're really counting on carli lloyd to kind of guide the team. she's such a presence and such a force on the women's soccer team. a team that is destined, they say, for gold. they are the heavy favorites here. and a lot of people looking to her to provide the leadership to
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make that come true. and, jay, another burlington county native we're keeping our eye on is also going for gold in rio, 22-year-old kelsey royal has broken three records. what are the expectations today? >> reporter: look, she's one of the newcomers on the team and there are several, there are a lot of expectations surrounding her. she has her first heat on saturday. so it should be exciting to see that. but they are expecting huge things they're expecting her to be a force on this team. likely, if she goes away as athletes have in the past won't walk in opening ceremony because coaches don't want her to be on her feet that long. the call of nations takes three or four hours. we probably won't see her inside the arena for the festivities. we'll definitely see her in the water. >> now, let's talk about team usa basketball dominating the world for years now, this year's olympics should be different
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this time, philly native, and villanova grad kyle lowery should be a big part of the men's squad, tell us about that. >> reporter: yeah, kyle lowery is a guy who is explosive on the basketball court. even the players that are part of this unbelievable team are amazed at what he's able to do on the floor. he should play a huge roll, it should be a cakewalk for team usa. this is the best team in the world by a long shot. and it should be enjoyable to watch these guys have a little fun and really get through what has become kind of a tradition for usa basketball to see these men come through. even players on the teams they oppose stop and take pictures scanned for autographs. i'm sure it will be quite an experience for them. >> yeah, it's fun to watch. jay gray reporting live from rio for us, jay, thanks. >> heading out of town, you've probably seen the dnc donkeys all over philadelphia over the past month. but hear where most of them are
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four minutes before 6:00, happening today in delaware county, villanova fans can get their picture taken with the 2016 men's basketball national trophy. the trophy will be on display as part of the philadelphia freedoms tennis match at the pavilion this evening. the freedom share home court with the reigning basketball champ. post of those colorful do f donkeys that deck kratd the town are gone. >> for those that participated in the scavenger hunt. they offered the donkeys to the organizations they represented. 52 were claimed. the donkeys represent, new york, guam, puerto rico and american samoa are still here. and next at 6:00, another day in court for monsignor william lynn. >> coming up, we'll explain why he's once again going before a
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judge just days after leaving prison. plus, going mobile. we'll explain how the newest mobile tool is the drive force behind bringing you more forecasts. coming up.
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legal turnaround. two days after monsignor william lynn walked out of prisons, he'll once again face a judge today. teens on the attack. police say teens attacked and beat an 11-year-old. and the centuries old sewer system up for sale. this is "nbc 10 news today." i'm tracy davidson. >> and i'm pamela osborne. we're in for another nice day. let's get right to meteorologist bill henley in the neighborhood forecast. good morning, bill. >> good morning, pa mela, lots


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